Our dancers will be participating in a virtual competition fundraiser that will directly benefit our studio and hundreds of studios across the country! Families and friends will be able to vote for their favorite dancers for $1 per vote, with 100% of the money going directly to support the dancer's studio during this difficult time. Creative expression is an essential outlet for us all, helping to unite us even when we have to be apart, and dance in particular has helped us stay active, channel the difficult emotions we are experiencing in a positive way, and has given us something to look forward to-- a time when we will all be able to dance together again. We have been humbled to receive your support during this challenging time and are beyond thankful that we have been able to continue to serve you. We hope to be able to do so for many years to come. Instructions on how you can support our studio by voting can be found below.

Go to https://donorbox.org/studio-aid
Select the dollar amount you would like to donate. $1=1 vote, $5=5 votes, etc
Select the studio your donation will be going to.
Fill out the required question noting which routine you are voting for. You MUST input an act number for your donation to vote (see photos below).
Click “Next.”
Input your name and email.
Input your payment information.
Click “DONATE.”

Why Dance

The benefits of dance extend far beyond the stage. In addition to a comprehensive dance education, our students learn the value of an active lifestyle and strong work ethic, foster a healthy outlet for creative expression, appreciate the benefits and responsibilities of being part of a team, and build lasting confidence that will transition with them no matter which path they choose in life. 


We believe strongly in creating a positive, friendly, and nurturing atmosphere where dancers encourage and look out for one another and parents offer a close-knit network of support.  Each dancer has their own unique abilities and by teaching safe stretching habits and correct technique, we help them explore and develop these talents and work towards achieving their personal goals. 


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