This is Home

My daughter has been with the studio since she was in 1st grade. She’s heading into 4th! We started out purely in the recreational classes and then moved to the competition team, because she loves dancing, the teachers, her fellow dancers/friends/inspirations, and the studio that much. Despite being involved in dance for going on 4 years, I still get confused about class placements, scheduling, terminology etc., the when, where, and who’s of it all, I think just because my brain doesn’t process. The staff have never failed me or my daughter in pointing us in the right direction. Whether this is helping me figure out scheduling and payments, pushing my daughter to grow in more challenging classes or encouraging private lessons, or even taking the time to build me my own schedule with days and times for camps, conventions, and master classes that are specific to my daughter’s age and skill level. No place is perfect, because people aren’t prefect. But for us, this is home and I am really grateful to each and every staff member and family that makes it so!

-Shannon D.

Celebrate Each Other

My daughter has been on the competitive team for 3 years. She has been fortunate to meet some excellent friends. It amazes, watching the girls and the amount of effort they apply to work towards a goal and, when they succeed, how the girls celebrate for each other. My daughter is blossoming into a beautiful dancer and she loves to compete. For me, as a parent, dance is much more. It is teaching her lessons in life. Northwest Dance and Acro not only provides excellent teachers and guidance but promotes a positive environment for both students and parents.
– Ursula S.

Serve to Inspire

My daughter is going into her seventh year at NW Dance and Acro and each year her passion for dance continues to grow. I am so grateful to have found a local studio with such excellent instructors intent on teaching the importance of good technique but not at the expense of their students’ self-esteem. I like that the teachers are open to experimenting with different, innovative equipment and exercises to help the dancers train. Another big plus for me is that the studio has done a great job cultivating a caring and encouraging environment, which you can see in the students’ daily enthusiasm, and bullying and rude behavior are not tolerated in students, parents, or teachers. I love the friendships that the dancers make and that they will cheer for each other when they master something new.

I would highly recommend this studio to anyone with a child interested in dance. There are a variety of classes and experience levels so it’s a great fit for the casual dancer as well as the more advanced, offering excellent instruction in a fun and friendly atmosphere. My only complaint is that sometimes it’s hard to get my daughter out of the studio! But that really speaks to the character of this studio, the teachers’ passion and joy in what they’re doing really resonates with the students and serves to inspire. We’re very happy to be at NWDA.
– Melanie H.


If you are looking for a team orientated, nurturing place for your child to explore their love of dance then Northwest Dance and Acro is the place to be. My daughter has been dancing at this studio since the age of 3 (she is now 10) and has received instruction from a variety of caring, talented and high quality instructors. She receives quality, high level classes in technique to improve her dance ability and increase her overall skills as a dancer. The students are given opportunities to travel for competitions and classes as well as having high quality instructors brought in from across the country as guest teachers. The staff is friendly, flexible and always willing to help when needed. I highly recommend you come and give this dance studio a try.
– Tammy S.