The Dancer’s Spotlight

The Dancer's Spotlight

We are thrilled to announce a new dancer recognition program we call The Dancer's Spotlight. Over the course of the year, we plan to recognize two dancers who have excelled in some way and who we feel should be applauded for their achievements!  We hope you'll join us in congratulating the recipients on their efforts!

Brooklyn Getzinger

Brooklyn has shown exceptional effort, dedication, and, as a result, progression in her training. She applies herself consistently in class, taking teacher feedback and implementing it directly, improving technique in the process. Brooklyn also demonstrates a tireless passion for dance and a positive attitude that help drive her towards her goals. We are pleased to congratulate Brooklyn Getzinger on earning her place in The Dancer's Spotlight!
Brooklyn is 13 years old and has been dancing for a total of 4 years, 3 of them with NWDA. She enjoys all of the different dance styles she has tried over the years and finds that variety really is the spice of life. She loves participating in the large group ballet routines and finds it fun to dance with the whole team. Abby Hau is her dance inspiration and she has this to say about her mentor: "Abby tells a story when she dances. She pays attention to all the little details in choreography. She works extremely hard and never makes excuses. I also like that she pushes me to be a better dancer. "
Fun fact about Brooklyn: Her nickname when she lived in China was Yo-Yo. Outside of dance, Brooklyn's favorite subject in school is art and she loves to travel, spend time with her family, and build expert lego sets. In winter, she looks forward to winter break and playing in the snow.
When asked what her advice to fellow dancers would be, Brooklyn says: "Really push yourself to stay focused in class. Be respectful to your teachers by doing what they say without giving excuses. Don't give up when it gets hard."
Brooklyn's mom, Kathi Getzinger, has this to say about Brooklyn's journey with NWDA.
"It is hard for me to put into words how much Augga and Northwest Dance and Acro have done for my daughter. The life lessons in commitment, teamwork, resilience, and daily effort have been more than we could have hoped for. Those skills cannot just be picked up anywhere and they have all been fostered at NWDA.
Brooklyn came to NWDA having danced only one year prior. Immediately she was welcomed with open arms and Augga and the staff took an interest in her. She started dance later than many girls and had a lot of catching up to do. After Brooklyn expressed her interest in becoming a better dancer Augga was right there to talk to her and us about what it would take to get caught up to her peers. She told her if she put in the effort and time to improve she would. Brooklyn took that to heart and each and every one of the instructors at NWDA has gone above and beyond to make sure that if Brooklyn is willing to put in the time and focus needed to improve they would push her to get better each and every time she works with them.
Dancing is not easy and it takes effort and attention to detail. You can’t just show up to class and go through the motions if you want to get better. Augga and the instructors strive to help the girls achieve their potential by making the classes challenging but also making them fun so the students enjoy what they are doing. Brooklyn enjoys each of her instructors and how they try and make her a better dancer each class.
Being a part of the competitive teams at NWDA has been an amazing experience. It helped Brooklyn really see what it means to have commitment to your teammates. Skipping classes or only giving the minimum effort really has an effect on the entire team’s ability to be successful. In order for the team to do well, you must do your part well and also be positive and helpful to your teammates so that you can all do the best that you can.
Each of these life skills have been honed at NWDA. We could not be happier with Augga and NWDA. Brooklyn loves it here and we feel blessed to be a part of this studio."
At NWDA, we feel just as blessed to have dancers like Brooklyn and families like hers to help make this studio such a special space. Congratulations, Brooklyn! We look forward to being a part of your continued journey and seeing all that you accomplish!