NWDA Shows Up the Storm


Despite the dismal weather forecast, NWDA dancers enjoyed illuminating inhouse workshop classes with Mikey Trasoras and Moises Parra of The Art of Movement on October 15th! Dancers had the chance to explore their contemporary and hip hop skills while learning new choreography. Several scholarships were awarded for the upcoming Art of Movement dance convention coming to Seattle in November so we'd like to wish a special congratulations to NWDA recipients Abigail Hau, Amarah Talluto, Cecilia Elbrecht, Parker Birch, Rachel Stallcup, Sadie Barsczysyn, Sky Hobley, and Taylor Bradshaw! We were thrilled to have Mikey and Moises join us at the studio, it was a fantastic way to kick off the day, and we look forward to next time

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