June Dancer of the Month

Congratulations to Elinor, our June Dancer of the Month! Elinor's teachers are impressed with her focus and determination to give 100% in every single class. Her enthusiasm really highlights her love of dance and her caring and bubbly personality make her a joy to work with!

Elinor is turning 11 in July and has been dancing for three years. When dancing to lyrical music, Elinor says "I feel like I can do anything." She concentrates on the feeling and flow of the music and incorporates that into her movements. She encourages her fellow dancers to never stop trying: "If you want to be an athlete, you are going to fall and fail! But never, ever stop trying! You will get it some day! That also keeps me motivated. If you want to be a better dancer, don't be afraid to try something new!"

Elinor's favorite song is "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars because "It reminds me of how much I love my friends, how much they love me, how much we stand up for each other, and how much they make me feel amazing or cheer me up when I'm sad." She is currently reading The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail by Richard Peck and she enjoys language arts and math at school. When not dancing, Elinor likes to sing loudly in her room, play her flute, and she loves playing with her puppy, Mr. Bennet!


Elinor (2)