NWDA Dancers Awaken at Dupree

Our dancers had a phenomenal weekend at Dupree Dance Convention’s Seattle stop. For many of our students, it was their first exposure to the fast, fun, and fabulous style of Bollywood and they can’t wait to try it again! Dancers also enjoyed classes in jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, and more under the expert guidance of Dupree’s incredible faculty. We love attending Dupree because they do their best to foster a welcoming learning environment that allows students to grow and learn, free of pressure but offering valuable technical critiques as well as insightful tips on performance and presentation.

Dupree offers an evening competition on Friday and Saturday for groups and soloists to showcase their work. Convention competitions offer a unique perspective for students as they get a chance to know their judges during classes, giving them the opportunity to tie critiques they receive to lessons they learn over the weekend and further build on those ideas in future dance classes. NWDA students performed beautifully and their hard work was rewarded with numerous overall placement awards including top 1st place overall awards in the highest level of competition, the competitive level, for the mini solo, junior solo, senior solo, junior duo and trio, teen duo and trio, mini group, and junior group categories as well. We were especially excited for our debut performance of our super production Grease which brought all of our petite, junior, teen, and senior students together on stage and received 1st overall in the junior super productions category.

We would also like to offer special congratulations to all of our scholarship winners this weekend– NWDA was proud to have winners from all four Phazes of the convention, as well as two All Star winners and two Heart of Gold winners! Congratulations to all of the dancers on a job well done!

Phaze 1
Leilani McMahon Northwest Dance and Acro
Harmony Gentry Northwest Dance and Acro

Phaze 2
Emma Griffith Northwest Dance and Acro
Maya Hernandez Northwest Dance and Acro
Rylee Oehlert Northwest Dance and Acro
Isabella Spidell Northwest Dance and Acro
Reagan Stuller Northwest Dance and Acro

Phaze 3
Sadie Barczyszyn Northwest Dance and Acro
Maquinna Wahlberg Northwest Dance and Acro

Phaze 4
Alicia Hawkins Northwest Dance and Acro

All Stars
Abigail Hau Northwest Dance and Acro
Amanda Ueltschi Northwest Dance and Acro

HEART OF GOLD AWARDS – IDANCE4ACURE– Show the most heart, soul, and passion!
Cecilia Elbrecht Northwest Dance & Acro #14 You Raise Me Up
Alexa Henkel Northwest Dance & Acro #123 Piece By Piece

For a full list of awards, CLICK HERE

To see some of the weekend’s many highlights, check out the Dupree Dance Convention’s lovely photo album featuring many NWDA dancers on their Facebook Page